Monday, April 10, 2017


Top: Zara (similar) // Choker: Katie dean jewelry // Braclets:(similar

1. I was born in Newark, NJ, raised in Sacramento, CA and currently live in the San Francisco, Bay Area. 

2. Pizza & fries, of any kind, are one of my biggest weaknesses. I have no self-control when they're around.

3. The idea for ‘fav’ in Simply Her Fav came from my initials (Felicia A.Veltz.) And since it's also short for the favorite, I thought it’d be a perfect blog name. 

4. I am obsessed with coffee! I’m a huge latte lover. 

5. Movies I can never turn off: The Notebook, Sex & the City and The Devil Wears Prada I’m pretty sure I have each movie memorized line for line.

6. With that being said, I am the biggest baby when it comes to sad movies. I even cried on Finding Dory...cue the waterworks. 

7.  My favorite hobby is shoe shopping. (umm yes, this is considered a hobby.) The shoe addiction is so real and let's be honest, shoe love is true love!

8. My sister and I are the only two in our family with red hair and freckles. It’s safe to say my mom was a little shocked when we were first

9. I attended school for Fashion Marketing with the goal of becoming a Fashion Buyer. Although I didn't go that route I’m pretty thankful for my degree as I apply what I learned to my blogging/influencer life today! :)

10. My cocktail of choice: Hard to chose but I love white wine ( is that considered a cocktail?) I’m so happy to live so close to wine country. 

xo Felicia! 

Photo by Hamee Ha

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